A Christmas Story...or, How Ralph Saved Our Christmas

December 20, 2013


Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through the office
The staff were excited about the season upon us


Ralph was in the attic, getting boxes of decorations
We were downstairs making all the preparations


So down came the tree, the wreaths and the bows
The nutcrackers, the garlands and lights - rows and rows


But upon opening the boxes, we found with disgust
Something had been feasting on our baubles with lust


The wreaths were all ragged, the garlands were matted
The bows were undone and the string lights were shattered


The smell was horrendous but much worse than that
Emerging from the tree box, was a huge, ugly rat!


The girls screamed and scattered and jumped on the desks
While Ralph kept his calm and went in search of a net


The rat took off running with Ralph close behind
Like a seasoned game hunter, he was not feeling kind


He cornered the rat and came in for the kill
While we watched in amazement at his cunning and skill


He pounced on the rat and grabbed onto its tail
Yelling, "I am a hunter ...... I will prevail!!"


So Ralph saved that Christmas and for each year thereafter
We re-tell the story whil howling with laughter


We never want a repeat of that fateful day
But it's a great story to tell...... to new staff anyway


Of the day Ralph saved Christmas and let us be merry

And as we celebrate this year...... Merry Christmas from Berry!

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